Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem Calendar 2022

Ramadan Kareem Calendar

According to Ramadan Kareem Calendar, in this year of 2022, the Holy month of Ramadan 2022 (٢٠٢٢ رمضان) started on 1st of April which was on Friday. And as obvious this Holy Month ended on 30th of April with the start of Eid ul Fitr on the next day. Well, these are the dates which are being followed everywhere in the world, but in actual according to Islamic Ramadan Calendar, this is the ninth month, and this month starts with the sight of the moon, and same goes for the end of Ramadan Mubarak Calendar as well when the moon of Shawwal appears in the sky, which means Ramadan Kareem has been ended and now a joyous occasion of Eid ul Fitr has been started which continues for next 3 days. Usually, Ramadan Kareem Timing continues for 30 days for maximum, but as it depends when the moon appears, so sometimes Ramadan Kareem Calendar 2022 limits to 29 days as well.

Follow up Ramadan Kareem Calendar

As for Muslims, almost every single one of them is aware from Ramadan Kareem (رمضان كريم), but there are several youngsters and non-Muslims as well who have no idea that what actually this month is and for how long is the Ramadan Timing. Plus they also have no idea how exactly Ramadan Kareem Calendar (رمضان كريم التقويم) works as well. Basically, Ramadan Kareem (رمضان كريم) comes as ninth in the count of Islamic Calendar, and this is one of the most important Month for Muslims all across the world. The reason is that this Holy month has much more important than any other, and this month is the best way to seek blessings and forgiveness from God. Besides all, in order to follow the rituals in this Holy month, the Ramadan Kareem timetable is being followed which shows up the exact time of Sunrise and Sunset. And the reason why these two times are important in Ramadan Kareem Calendar 2022 is that Muslims start their Fast from Sunrise till sunset.

Actual Meaning of Fast

Now for those who have no idea what fast actually is, then while a person who is fasting cannot consume any type of Food or Water, and cannot seek any sexual or sinful activities during this time period. And for every single Muslim who has reached puberty are must fast during this Holy month and stay put to Ramadan Kareem. While for children who still have not reached puberty are not need to take part in any of the Islamic Rituals including fast. But that does not mean that they cannot go with the schedule of Ramadan timetable, or follow up rituals of Ramadan Kareem. Ramadan is also known as Ramadhan or Ramzan. It depends on the language because a single word can be pronounced in several different ways in different languages.

Description of Fasting

It is not limited to the Muslims only to fast and follow Ramadan Kareem, but there are several other religions as well who follow the same Islamic traditions, and for some religions, they follow up Ramadan, as in terms of respect for Islam. In Islam, there are five basic pillars around which this religion is followed, and Fasting is the fourth pillar. And that means if you are a Muslim then it is necessary for you to fast when Ramadan Calendar begins. In the Arabic language Fast is known as Sawm. Now you might be wondering how does fasting begins and ends up. Well as it is described in Ramadan timetable that your fast is going to start before sunrise.

How to Fast?

So that means you can eat anything you want, and as much you want before Fajar prayer. Once the Fajar prayer has been called up then you must stop eating and drinking that instant. So this will be your breakfast for a whole day, and this time is known as Seher. Once you have stopped eating then you have to go for Sehri dua, which is like the start of your fasting. And afterward, you have to offer Fajar Prayer, and continue your activities for the rest of the day. Besides from this time onwards you cannot drink or eat something till dawn. For the whole day, you cannot commit any of the sinful activities, and if you are married then you also cannot involve in sexual activities.

Importance of Ramadan Calendar

As soon as you hear Maghreb prayer being called then you can start eating because this is the time when your fast is over according to Ramadan Calendar. Now when you will start your meal then Muslims prefer to start that with a date, and then they can eat or drink anything that is halal. And the meal that you have at sunset is named Iftar or Aftar. There are some areas where it is tough to listen to prayer calls, so Ramadan Calendar is really beneficial because it will tell you the exact time of Seher and Iftar.  Furthermore, you can also find alerts for Seher of Iftar in Ramadan Kareem Timing which lets you open your fast on time. Now you might have seen many Muslims keeping fasts besides Ramadan, well such fasts are known as voluntary fasts. But the fasts of Ramadan Kareem are obligatory and right according to the Ramadan Kareem Calendar. In the earlier times, the fasts of the month of Ashura was also obligatory, but later on, that obligation was changed to the month of Ramadan.

Voluntary Fast

Still, there are many Muslims who follow to keep fasts in the month of Ashura which is voluntary which is their own choice. But there is no sin for those who do not keep fasts in that month. But as for Ramadan Kareem Calendar, it is necessary for every single Muslim to follow, and for those who leave fasts of Ramadan Kareem timetable without any actual reason is wrong. Fasting according to Ramadan does not just mean to stay hungry and thirsty throughout the day, but it actually means to offer prayers 5 times a day, and spend most of your free time reciting Quran, while staying away from any of the sinful activities. As for praying it is also a pillar of Islam, which means that it is as important as it is fasting.

Lessons Learnt in Ramadan Kareem

Many of the Non-Muslims consider this month as one of the toughest because Muslims have to stay hungry and thirsty throughout the day and to follow Ramadan Calendar while keeping their daily routine as usual. Well, that is not the truth because Muslims all around the world celebrate this Ramadan Kareem with the same joy as they celebrate Eid ul Fitr or any other occasion for the rest of the year. And fasting is as joyous as having a party every day for one whole month. This Ramadan Kareem is not just some ordinary time period of the year, but it comes with several blessings and lessons as well. As you follow Ramadan and keep fasting throughout the day, then you realize the pain of those poor people who cannot afford to buy food and have to stay hungry for several days.

Ramadan Calendar

Tolerance and Patience

Furthermore, fasting also teaches tolerance and patience in yourself. And not just this but fasting also teaches to stay away from any of the sinful emotions including anger. And when you have to follow the Ramadan Kareem timetable for one whole month then, as a result, it becomes your habit for the rest of your life. So, in short, you can call that to follow the Ramadan timetable means to turn yourself into a perfect Muslim. Furthermore, this Ramadan is for several other reasons as well, and among those reasons, the first one is that in this blessed month Holy Quran was completed, and that is one of the four Holy Books of Islam. Holy Quran was revealed to the last messenger of Allah who was the Holy Prophet PBUH. And then among the last ten nights of Ramadan Kareem, there is one night which is considered as one of the most blessed nights of the whole year, and this night is being named as Laylatul Qadr And whosoever asks anything from Allah on Laylatul Qadr, gets it no matter what that is, but as for Ramadan, there is not confirmed which night exactly is Laylatul Qadr. So Muslims usually pray maximum in the last nights of Ramadan. Besides, there are certain conditions according to which fasting is exempted, and that will not be a sinful act.

Exemptions on Obligatory Fast

Like if you are traveling or if you are sick, even if you are aged then it is not necessary for you to fast. While women they cannot fast while they are menstruating or breastfeeding an infant. Then further as it is discussed above that those children who have not reached puberty yet do not need to follow Ramadan Kareem’s timetable, but it is up to them if they want to start practicing fast at such a young age. This Ramadan is the best time of the year for all the Muslims to wash away their sins by following this Ramadan Kareem. This Ramadan also teaches you many of the life lessons which no one else can teach you ever, so this Holy month is not just blessed but also beneficial as well. First of all, if you see practically then fast, it is really hard to keep. Because Ramadan suddenly takes you away from your normal routine diet all of a sudden which is not normal for anyone.

Ramadan Kareem: Test for all Muslims

So it might take some days for everyone to get used to this new routine. So this is the lesson for everyone to feel the pain of those who are unable to eat food for several days. Furthermore, according to the Ramadan Kareem Calendar of 2022, this holy month comes in one of the hottest times of the year. As for a normal person, it is hard for anyone to skip food or water in normal weather, but for such weather, it is quite unbearable to not have water for an entire. And that is how Allah tests Muslims by fasting in Ramadan. Then further there is not even proper time to eating as well if you have to follow Ramadan Calendar. When you have to eat at Seher then, of course, it is unusual for anyone to eat that time of the day, and obviously, it is the time when you cannot eat enough. Then according to Ramadan Mubarak Calendar when it is time for Iftar then many people try to stuff themselves all of a sudden due to hunger and thirst all day, but they ended up having stomach disorders as well.

Blessings of Ramadan Kareem

And most importantly at Iftar, it does not matter that what you have on the table because your only focus will be on eating. So this represents that poor people do not wish to eat expensive food when their only wish is to get food twice a day. Then due to Ramadan, your routine of sleeping changes as well, or sometimes you do not get enough time to sleep. Because when you are done with Iftar then after some time people feel hungry once again, and instead of sleep they have to eat once again. Then in the morning, they have to get up earlier in order to prepare food for Seher and then to eat most of it before Fajar Prayer is being called. And when you are done with Seher and Fajar Prayer then there is already time to go to the office. Due to the strict routine of Ramadan, there is no time to complain about the food, so you have to eat what can be prepared easily. So that is the lesson for you to eat what you get instead of complaining about food even in your normal days.

Things not to do

Then during fast, you are not allowed to listen to music or watch any of immoral shows as well, as this is the way of Allah to keep you away from any kind of sins and wash away every single sin of yours. And that is the best opportunity for you to make it your habit. Moreover, due to the strict routine of Ramadan, it is obvious that you will go low on energy with scorching heat and no food. Now, this might seems to be irritating for some people that they are unable to heat when they do not even have enough energy to carry out normal routine tasks. Well, that is the test of your patience that for how long you can keep yourself in this condition which Allah has demanded from you. As Allah has ordered to Pray five times a day and to recite the Quran in the routine of Ramadan Mubarak Calendar, so this is not easy for those who are more involved in worldly affairs. But as this is an obligation in Ramadan Kareem Calendar so this is necessary to follow as well.

Best time to arrange your Routine

And you might find it tough to manage your time for your office and Godly affairs as well. No doubt this is the best time of the year to manage both tasks accordingly and keep this routine for the rest of the year. You might consider fasting as a burden, but actually, if you will follow Ramadan then it is not just good for you spiritually but also good for your health. And it is even proved scientifically as well, as after that many nutritionists follow diet routine just as the routine of fasting. And where other nutritionists are charging hundreds of dollars from their clients then at the same time you are having this natural routine for one whole month by following Ramadan Mubarak Calendar. If you are thinking that you are giving up something by following Ramadan then you need not worry about that because Allah will never put unbearable burden over you.

Help those who are Unable to Afford

Always be thankful for what you have instead of complaining about what you have lost because whatever you are losing is for your own good, if not in this life then for life afterward. Now as you have benefits and lessons for Ramadan Kareem, next comes your duties that you should follow which you have already learned from those lessons. Fasting is obligatory for every Muslim except those with special conditions. But there are some people who wish to follow Ramadan traditions as well, but they are even unable to afford food for Seher and Iftar. So make sure that you must notice in your surrounding for any such people, and purchase everything that is necessary for them to eat during Seher and Iftar. Even if you are unable to afford food for a whole month, then at least provide them with a few things which they can use. Furthermore, there is no doubt if you are following the routine of Ramadan Kareem, and working hard as well in the office.

Help Women prepare Meal

But you must notice that on the other hand women are also performing house chores for the whole day, and when you get back home then they are still preparing a meal for everyone for Iftar. If your task is not easy then you should know that their routine is also not a piece of bread, and that is why you should help them with Iftar preparation as well. As there is no doubt that males are higher in strength, so even with a hectic office routine they can still help their Mother, wife, or daughters to prepare Iftar, and more importantly, it is your fair share. While you are in the office, there might be several of your colleagues who are not following Ramadan and having lunch. So even if you see them eating or find out that they are not fasting then do not tease them. You would never know the reason why they are unable to fast, so you have no right to make fun of them or tease them in front of everyone. Besides if you are still concerned to find out the reasons then the best way to do that is to discuss it in person with your colleague so that he does not have to feel embarrassed about that.

Do not Tease Others

And it might be possible that he is going through some health problems which he has not discussed in office yet, or if he is going through some serious problems back at home. You cannot judge anyone by just looking at them. And this is another lesson for you that you will learn by following the Ramadan Calendar. And if your Colleagues are working outside in scorching heat, then the best you can do for them is to arrange cold water, and meal for them as a good deed. While you are following Ramadan you will be saving much of the money that you were spending before on the food. So it is best that you donate that money among the neighbors or relatives who are unable to afford food and other daily necessities.

Keep Helping Poor

Besides as there will be Eid ul Fitr right after Ramadan Kareem, so with that donation those poor people can buy some clothes and food for that occasion as well. On every Iftar, many families prepare a lot of food, but they are unable to consume all of it on Iftar. So instead of wasting that food, you must share that food with your neighbours as well which you think is unable to get enough food over Iftar or even Seher. Even Islam teaches us to look in the surrounding for all the needy people, and if Allah has blessed us with money then it is our duty to donate it among the poor as well. And all this would be only possible if you are able to follow the Ramadan Kareem Calendar, and teach of Allah in a proper way during the month of Ramadan Kareem.

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