Quran With Tajweed


Quran Reading with Tajweed is one amongst the essential courses that not solely provides the essential information for reading sacred text however additionally acts as a primary step towards the understanding of Holy Qur’an. sacred text work encompasses a firm believe that this course is extremely vital for any beginner. The course has been designed in such how that anybody no matter his or her age will be a part of the course. sacred text work can teach the scholars to acknowledge and pronounce totally different alphabets of Arabic with basic tajweed rules and it’ll allow them to to grasp varied symbols also insha Allah.

Course Content

The following topics area unit being coated underneath this course.

1.Accurate recognition of basic alphabets of Arabic

2.Correct pronunciation of the various alphabets of Quranic Arabic

3.The students will learn the varied expressions of Arabic language like that of Damma, Kasrah, Fatha..Along with this, they’ll even be schooled the expressions of 2 Dammas, 2 Kasrahs and 2 Fathas with their examples.

4.The course includes the pronunciation of assorted extended Quranic Arabic Letters

5.The course additionally includes the educational of ‘Sukoon’ , ‘Tashdeed’ , ‘Huroof-e-Maddah’ , ‘Huroof-e-Leen’ , ‘Izhar’ , ‘Iqlab’ , ‘Idgham’ , ‘Ikhfa’ , ‘Noon-e-Qutni’ and ‘Huroof-e-Muqatta’at’.

Course Schedule ( Class Duration 30 Days )

Dollar ( $ )40$65 $80 $
Pound ( £ )30 £45£60 £
Euro ( € )35€55 €65 €
AUD ($)50$80$100$

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