Quran Tafseer


To understand or interpret the Holy sacred writing one should be able to develop some skills like listening, reading and writing. There area unit several frames for referring Tafsir to be categorised. By methodology, it is generally divided into 2 main classes and people being tafsir bi-al-riwaya (received tafsir) and tafsir bi-al-diryiah (tafsir by opinion). The course deals with each views of Tafsir al sacred writing.

Our primary goal is to attain perfection in students concerning the language. we have a tendency to additionally wish to market the cultural and social progress in an exceedingly knowledge-based society that is in each, educational and skilled contexts. Our goal additionally includes serving to students to enhance their language, critical, analytical and problem-solving skills which will facilitate them take care of and defensive the intellectual suspicious that may be raised against Islam. we have a tendency to additionally wish to demonstrate educational experience within the areas of Science of Tafseer and Sciences of Al- Qur’an.

The Primary Objectives Of Our Course Ar As Follows:

1.To provide academic targeted understanding Science of Tafsir and Sciences of Al- Qur’an.

2.To help students become competent in analysis and have a firm grounding in Moslem principles.

3.To make students capable of manufacturing academic writings

4.To articulate sophistic and complicated ideas through address or discourse

5.To create aware among students concerning the language and moral responsibilities, and To help students contribute toward Moslem solutions within the social, economic and cultural contexts, across the nation and internationally.

Our qualified lecturers can facilitate our students have a more robust understanding of the Surahs of the al-Qur’an. Our tutors can begin the course by explaining Surah Al- Fatihah till the tip of the complete superb al-Qur’an. they begin with Surat Alfatiha as a result of it’s the Surah all Muslims should browse all told prayers. All Muslims got to recognize what we tend to ar addressing Allah with, seeking to please Him and doing our greatest to be nearer to him. Muslims got to recognize initial why it’s known as surat Al-Fatiha, (the gap of the Quran). Yes, Surat Al-Fatiha is that the gap of the al-Qur’an book, the primary surah there, and is that the initial recitation we are saying all told our prayer. Muslim would style the wonder and magnificence of the fantastic al-Qur’an. once you initial translate the which means of the words, you’ll be affected by its expressive style, beauty, and highness. Beside the fantastic and greatness of the words of the al-Qur’an, you’ll realize that God has prevented touching it aside from people who ar pure. If a Muslim needs to defend Islam from falsifications and lies, he/she desires within the initial place to know the supply, that is that the al-Qur’an. you would like to grasp concerning your true faith, and you’ll understand that there’s no place for intolerance in Islam. To become a real Muslim, you would like to know the al-Qur’an properly, the book of God, the miracle of His prophet.

You will learn the interpretation and also the which means of the verses, and you’ll grasp the explanations why the ayat (verses) were disclosed.

People who need to strengthen their elementary data of the Muslim system with the correct values of Muslim Ethics and Akhlaq will take this course. This course isn’t just for students WHO need to try to to researches in Muslim grounding however additionally for them WHO need to pursue their career in teaching students regarding this lovely language.

Course Schedule ( Course Duration 30 Days )

Dollar ( $ )80 $120 $150 $
Pound ( £ )60 £90 £115 £
Euro ( € )70 €105 €130 €
AUD ($)100 $150 $190 $

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