After Iftar

Prophetﷺ dua after Iftar (in Ramadan)

After you have opened fast in Ramadan by reciting dua you should recite another short yet powerful dua taught by Prophet Mohammad SAW. 

This supplication should be recited right after you have broken your fast or finished eating your Iftar meal. The dua is mentioned along with Arabic text, English translation and transliteration. 

Dua after iftar
Dua to recite after opening fast and Iftar, along with Arabic text, English translation and transliteration

Recite right after opening fast (iftar)

ذَهَبَ الظَّمَأُ وَابْتَلَّتِ الْعُرُوقُ وَثَبَتَ الْأَجْرُ إِنْ شَاءَ الله

Zahabazz zama’u wab tal-latil urooqu wa sabatal ajru insha Allah

Thirst has gone, the arteries are moist, and the reward is sure, if Allah wills [Miskat: 1993]

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